We support the innocent people

We support the innocent people of sovereign state

JCR statement on our support for Ukraine

Posted on Mar.11,2022

Here at JCR, our thoughts are with those who are suffering from war in Ukraine, and we will provide support so that medical care can continue.

As radiology professionals, we are committed to providing the best possible medical care to each and every patient. No matter the situation, medical personnel must protect people’s lives and health. Human rights must also be respected under all circumstances. Our thoughts remain with those who are, at this very moment, taking shelter underground, frightened by the sound of explosions, who are badly wounded or in danger of losing their lives, or who are suffering or despondent. Medical neutrality and human rights must never be compromised by an act of force. We strongly urge that even in the midst of war, medical facilities be spared destruction so that medical care can continue to be provided to those who seek help, and we intend to provide all the support we can.